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Tony Poole is a very informative representative. He has helped me know more about potential threats as well as the huge upside of self monitored security cameras. Thank you Tony for all your help.

Rating: 5

Dixon Security has done an excellent job in assessing our needs for extensive HD video surveillance and then provided outstanding installation and training. I would highly recommend them and their dedicated, honest service.

Rating: 5

We have used Dixon for years. We have rarely had a problem, but whenever we have needed help, the service has always been fast and top notch. If you are getting camera's in your business, these are the guys to see.

Rating: 5

I've worked with Tony in the past and can attest to his knowledge and integrity of service + quality of product. Highly recommend!

Rating: 5

Tony at Dixon is the man to call when you want high quality security cameras. He will make sure you have just what you need and explain everything to you. Super nice guy you can trust.

Rating: 5

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