• By Thal Dixon

Keeping Your Business Secure

We spend a lot of time thinking about home security, but today we want to talk about a topic that’s even more relevant: security for your small business. Robberies in offices and stores are far more common than home invasions.

While you may have business insurance that protects you from the worst of this, a burglary is always costly.

Why Are Businesses Easy Targets?

  • Burglars know that there is money and expensive equipment on site.
  • There’s usually no one there at night
  • Employees don’t usually have a vested interest in the security, so mistakes and lax security measures happen easily

Repeat burglaries are very common with businesses. Many of us have a “lightning won’t strike twice” mentality, but the truth is that once robbers have had a successful hit on a place, they’re much more likely to return and try again. Worst of all, burglaries in businesses and small stores are seldom solved. The goods are almost never recovered. The truth is that the police force usually doesn’t have enough information to solve the crime: no witnesses, no specific suspects, and nothing that you can trace back to a specific location.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Business Secure?

The best way to keep your business secure, after basic common-sense measures like proper locks and safes, is installing security cameras. This can help you keep tabs on what’s going on there at night, and it even allows you to keep tabs on your employees so you know where risks and breaches of security are happening and can be proactive about it. Our closed circuit security systems will allow you to record and review whenever you need to.

Take time to do security training with all employees. They should know their responsibilities and the safety guidelines that are expected at their workplace. Strictly monitor who has access to the money and the keys, and keep positive relationships with employees.

Keep good lighting in your store or office. It’s also helpful to have clear views and line-of-sight access inside, outside, and throughout the building. It’s a lot harder to be stealthy when there could be any number of eyes on you at any given moment.

If your business is a store, be transparent about the maximum amount at the register at any time. Do regular drop-box deposits so that you’re a less attractive target, and so that losses aren’t as devastating.

Allow a not-quite-regular schedule with some employees. This limits the predictability of the witnesses and surveillance and makes your store or office a less easy target.