All About Vandalproof Cameras

Security cameras installed around your home are excellent for deterring unwelcome visitors and capturing suspicious activity, but unfortunately a security camera cannot do its job if it has been vandalized.

That is where vandal-proof cameras come in. If some of the cameras installed around your home are in a location that allows for physical access, and if you fear that the cameras around your home will be prone to vandalism, tampering, or theft, vandal-proof cameras are definitely a good option for you. Here is a look at what exactly makes vandal-proof cameras, well, vandal-proof.

Vandal-proof cameras have three major traits: difficult to open or re-adjust, highly resistant to impact, and cable management.

Difficult to open or re-adjust

Security cameras are always made to be easy to install, but vandal-proof cameras will require special tools to be used for installation. Instead of a standard screwdriver or hex driver, you will need a special tool that comes with the camera to install the recessed screws. This means that in order to open the dome cover, re-adjust the camera, or move the camera, you will need that same special tool.

Highly resistant to impact

Vandal-proof cameras are also manufactured to be highly resistant to impact. This means that they can typically withstand a swing from, say, a hammer or a baseball bat. There is actually an international standard for measuring resistance to impact, and ratings will range from IK01 (the weakest) to IK10 (the strongest). A certified testing facility will measure the camera’s resistance to impact by factoring in the type of hammer, the mass of the hammer, and the resulting impact energy, measured in joules. You can use what is called an IK impact table to assess how the IK rating (e.g., IK10) translates to a corresponding impact energy (20 joules) and resistance against impact (11 lbs thrown from a distance of 15.7″).

Cable management

Even if a camera involves vandal-proof installation and impact resistant features, there still lies the possibility of someone tampering with the wiring. This is why cable management is the third major trait of a vandal-proof camera. Vandal-proof cameras eliminate the possibility of wire cutting by hiding all wiring completely. This can be done by surface mounting a camera, using a special mounting bracket, or using a conduit that runs the wiring from the camera to another location.

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