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  • Reduce Liability from Lawsuits and fraudulent claims
  • Increase responsible Forklift and equipment usage
  • Increase adherence to safety policies
  • Reduce Shrinkage and increase inventory control
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Increase work flow around facility
  • Document Workers Compensation claims
  • Reduce trespassing and vandalism
  • Eliminate Employee theft

The 2017 Instructional Buying Guide to Security Cameras

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I just installed Dixon Security Cameras around my home and this company is top notch! Friendly, professional, efficient, courteous, clean, and all of that with incredible customer service. In addition, their cameras are top notch! I was impressed with the entire process of working with Dixon and would definitely hire them again, and recommend them to anyone looking to add a security feature to their home or business. Very happy customer.

A great company to work with! Honest, integrity, a complete understanding of the security industry. Everything you need in a security team! You can be confident in your decision to go with Dixon Security!

Fabulous people, service and products. Thanks Thal Dixon for helping me secure my business assets.



We work with businesses of all types and have the expertise to plan video surveillance for your company.

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Our expert technicians can handle all types of installation or repair jobs large or small.

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Do-It-Yourself support

If you're a do-it-yourselfer and just need a hand on a tricky install or repair.

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Spy Shop

The only one of it's kind, the Dixon Security Spy Shop has every type of spy cameras hidden in ties, pins, watches and more.

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We provide Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding area with Digital Recording Security Systems using the latest CCTV equipment, (PC and Linux Stand alone DVR/NVR Security Systems), Remote video surveillance over the internet, surveillance over laptops, tablets, and smart phones. We provide covert and hidden security cameras, nanny security cameras, and motion detection security cameras, along with covert surveillance services and professional installation.

We will Service and Upgrade Video Surveillance and Security Systems in the Salt Lake City Utah Areas, in and around Park City Utah, Ogden Utah, Provo Utah, West Valley City Utah, West Jordan Utah, American Fort Utah, Sandy Utah, Tooele Utah, and anywhere close. We will even travel outside of our general service area for a fee. For questions about any of our services call 801.455.0413.

Business Security

To ensure your surveillance system is exceeding expectations, we provide consulting, integration, configuration, and support services to our customers, large and small. Our experience with providing security for other businesses can help you learn from their mistakes.

Remote Video Access

View feeds from your video surveillance system on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Quickly and easily access events in multiple areas of your facility. We can also provide solutions to send camera signals over distances.

Maintenance & Repair

Need maintenance to existing cameras? Many camera issues can be a simple fix for a trained technician. Ask about our FLAT RATE maintenance fees and never commit to an open ended invoice again.

Camera Sales & Consulting

We can help you make an educated decision between IP Cameras, HD-SDI, TVI, or CVI cameras from your Standard Analog Cameras. We understand lighting, camera features, placement, and everything necessary to give you the pictures you are looking for. Perhaps a hybrid system will help you upgrade in stages. We can work with them all.


A Video Surveillance system can help your business reduce internal and external risk, and improve the efficiency of your company's operations

Hidden Camera Sales & Consulting

We provide covert and hidden security cameras, nanny security cameras, and motion detection security cameras, along with covert surveillance and information security services.



Easily check your camera footage from the convenience of our handy mobile app. See features below:

View live in HD. Control and zoom in with live PTZ controls.

Have a microphone installed? Listen in to what is being said.

Save pictures and video clips right from your phone

Search the Calendar and play back video on any camera from any time selected

Who We Are

Dixon Security Cameras is a small team of camera installation professionals. Our experts specialize in the sale, installation, maintenance and repair of security cameras. Dixon is unique because we have focus. Unlike our competitors that attempt to bundle several different security systems into giant packages– Dixon only handles security camera systems. This means if your camera system has a problem, we can solve it; regardless of whether we installed it or not. Come see what our focus can do for you.

Camera Specialists

Security camera sales, service and support is all we do. We are the best because we specialize in only one thing and do it right.

Price, Service, & Quality

Our prices are honest, our service experts are the best in the industry and our product quality is unmatched. We guarantee it.

We Make It Easy

Whether you need a full-service one-stop-shop for all your video surveillance needs or you just need a bit of advice, we're here to help.

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The 2017 Instructional Buying Guide to Security Cameras

We wrote this 60-page instructional buying guide as a free service to our customers and to the public to share our knowledge, experience and expertise about video cameras. Security cameras are our passion and we've gained a lot of knowledge over the years about different brands, what type of cameras you need for indoor vs. outdoor use, hidden cameras, lenses, price comparisons, installation tips and more.

Latest Blog Posts

IP Camera Licensing - The Idiot Tax

IP Camera Licensing - The Idiot Tax | Dixon Security UT

Lately, I have picked up a lot of new customers that were frustrated because they were being charged "Licensing Fees" for their security cameras by their previous companies. (They had since fired the old company and found us to replace them.) Why would someone want to pay a licensing fee year after year when they can accomplish the same thing for free? The truth is that many people don't. They just don't know that other options exist.

Licensing fees haven't been around forever. They came about when IP cameras started to grow in popularity. Since IP cameras didn't require as much hardware, many companies wanted to develop software platforms for managing the cameras without selling the hardware. Many large corporations and government facilities would be able to use existing servers and hardware of their own by pulling the camera feeds and dumping the data to a storage device. The software companies wanted to make money per camera to help with the cost of development, tech support, etc. So, instead of allowing people to install the software and use it with an unlimited number of cameras on a raid storage or large server, they started charging licensing fees per camera. One of the most common software platforms like this on the market is the Milestone software. These fees can easily range from $100 to $200 per camera, and can vary from an annual fee per camera, to a one-time lifetime licensing fee.

If you want to avoid this type of expense, there are alternatives that work for most businesses. Many larger NVR units with software are available on today's market. We carry manufacturers like Hikvision, Dahua, and TVT who make decent units at great prices. These Linux based NVR units have come a long way in the last 10 years and become much more user friendly with their software. There is free enterprise software included as well for customers that want to connect to multiple recorders at once. Many of the 32 channel and 64 channel recorders can hold up to 64TB of storage which is plenty for most businesses. By using four Hikvision 32 channel NVR units for a client when they were quoted a solution with Milestone Software, I saved one company over $20,000 in licensing fees alone and over $35,000 with my solution that recorded all 120 of their Axis cameras without licensing fees. If you are currently stuck in a situation where you are paying for Licensing Fees, contact us so we can help you start saving money on your security system.

At Dixon Security we are security camera experts! Call us at 801-455-0413 for a FREE on-site evaluation.


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4K Security Cameras Beware

Things To Look Out For With 4K Security Cameras | Dixon Security

There is a new buzz word in the camera industry and it is being used more and more by unscrupulous manufacturers that want to prey on people that don't have a great grasp of camera technology. Buzz words have been the way to sell electronics for twenty years now. With computers, we have RAM, Hard Drive, Processor, and even graphics card. The camera industry usually picks up some of the same buzz words that pop up with the computers and the televisions. I have noticed a lot of 4K cameras being sold in big box retail and the online marketplace in some of the cheap online kits. Have you ever heard the phrase "Too Good to be True?" Most of these are not real 4K cameras. Some have certain specs that allow them to put that kind of a label, but they use cheap chipsets and lenses to save costs so that the picture quality isn't that great. There was a big problem with this same sort of thing when the cameras were first going to High Definition or HD. Real 4K or 8MP Cameras are available from legitimate manufacturers in a price range from about $250 to $600 depending on the features. I have some great 8MP VF Bullet cameras for $325 that some of our clients have started putting in for license plate areas.

If you want to be sure that a camera is actually the quality it claims, stop by our shop and we will show you different camera resolutions side by side so you will know what you are buying. It is hard to be sure if your eye is not trained to see the difference. The difference in quality, can be the difference between having the license plate or a fuzzy image that won't help.

The standard right now for new installations in the camera industry is 4MP Cameras. If someone doesn't specify that they want to go cheaper or more expensive, I will usually quote out 4MP. A 4 MP camera has a great HD picture. If you take an 8MP Camera and look at it side by side with a 4MP however, the difference is striking. Remember that when you buy electronics, buy from a trusted source and you don't have to guess if you are really buying what is advertised. Read testimonials and customer reviews of security cameras to make sure you are getting the best product.  Service after the sale is also a must with electronics. If you try to buy electronics for too cheap, there will be little to zero tech support on the back end. Be smart, talk with a professional.

At Dixon Security we are security camera experts! Call us at 801-455-0413 for a FREE on-site evaluation of your 4K security camera needs.


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